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 Dealer Owned Reinsurance
We Create New Wealth For Our Dealers.
We Create New Wealth For Our Dealers

1. Our dealer clients.

Our clients are satisfied customers. Visit our Web site to review testimonials, or ask us for contact information directly so you can research our performance for yourself. Our client satisfaction ratings and confidence are born from our proven performance.

2. We stand by our products.

The products we bring to you through Portfolio are insured and administered by the best companies in the business, including The Warranty Group, Virginia Surety Company, Protective and other trusted names.

3. Recognized member status.

Portfolio is a proud Associate Member of the National Association of Dealer Counsel (NADC) representing auto dealer attorneys nationwide. We also are honored to be a regular sponsor and contributor to AICPA’s (American Institute of CPAs) annual conference for auto dealer CPAs to help serve their advisory role to dealers regarding asset management and profit opportunities.

Remember, IBG stands by its clients and stands by its promise of maximizing your dealership' bottom line. Contact us today to learn more facts on how IBG can be a great asset to your dealership.

What we do for you.

IBG has teamed up with Portfolio to bring you an opportunity to incorporate an "ARC" (Affiliated Reinsurance Company), for sales of Portfolio vehicle service contracts, and other aftermarket product sales. Through this relationship, we are able to bring you full management and complete ownership of reinsurance companies, which receive the insurance premiums behind vehicle service contracts, GAP contracts, anti-theft protection products, and other insurable aftermarket products sold in the dealership. With this comes management of rates, claims, and the structure of the dealer's company to maximize its profits, while attending to the parallel duties of serving the retail customer's need for protection and the dealership's need for CSI, penetration and profit maximization. In this way, we take the expense of aftermarket products and turn it into a personal asset owned by you, the dealer, not the dealership. You'll get all the underwriting profits, the investment income profits, and the favorable tax treatment available only to the insurance industry, profits that now go to your current providers. That's the benefit of the affiliated reinsurance relationship we're offering you. Don't leave money on the table for others. Instead, allow us to collect it—all of it—and return it to you.

With IBG, you get experience.

IBG was founded in 1999 and has been 100% dedicated to its dealer client base with one solid goal: maximize client profits and profit potential. And that's exactly what IBG has done. David Ibarra, founder and CEO and the team at IBG, knows the workings of a dealership inside and out having worked in the industry on the front lines for decades. IBG also knows the extraordinary value of a well-run reinsurance program, specifically the lost profits it can bring to a dealership. IBG's local F&I coaches are chosen for their ability to deliver growth-targeted income development and other essential dealership services. You'll only get the best with IBG.

Proven stability.

IBG only partners with the best of the best, and Portfolio is exactly that. In fact, Portfolio is the only reinsurance provider that has been tested by an exhaustive IRS review that the company unquestionably passed. The IBG track record and proven stability of its affiliates solidify this offer as the best choice in reinsurance coverage.

Our goal is maximizing your bottom line.

Your interests are our interests. We believe that we can have a stable, mutually beneficial relationship if we deliver profitable solutions to your reinsurance company and your dealership. Why? It works for you, and helps us retain your business.

Portfolio delivers to you the means to get the big money that you might not even know is there for you.

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